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    BFL Owen

    BFL Owen is a consulting firm specializing in structural design, seismic retrofit, earthquake engineering, design-build and construction engineering support. BFL Owen’s innovative and aggressive engineering has been central to the successful completion of many types of projects, where high quality construction documents and savings in construction cost are of paramount importance.

    Licensed structural engineers with Masters and Doctorate degrees have brought us to the forefront of sound construction. BFL Owen has the corporate experience, qualified staff, and professional capacity to complete design services for projects of almost any magnitude. We utilize state-of-the-art computer software for analysis and design, including Building Information Modeling (BIM). We bring a unique design perspective but with sensitivity to cost.

    BFL Owen structural consulting services include: design-build, new construction, renovations, earthquake engineering, seismic retrofit, structural evaluation, plan check, advanced analysis and new technologies.

    For a brochure, listing some of BFL Owen's services and projects, please click here.

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